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REAL STEM/STEAM Discovery, REAL 21st Century Fun!


a world of learning and laughter, curiosity and commitment, enriching fun and meaningful challenges, exclusively for local Kindergartners-8th Graders.
Whether at work or play, elementary and middle schoolers are constantly in search of useful 21st Century tools to aid their curiosity in unlocking the mysteries of the world around them. . .  and share what they've found with friends and family. Present your elementary or middle schooler with problems they need to solve, want to solve, and by turns happily, at other times with a few grumbles along the way (just like the rest of us), they’ll work long and hard to master the problem-solving tools they find most useful.
Our small-group STEAM/STEM Learning Enrichment Labs-- RealScience! and Express Yourself!-- (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math); Summer Camp programs have been carefully crafted to harness your child’s natural curiosity and their need to have useful 21st Century tools for understanding and being understood, with evolving opportunities for exploring and progressing towards greater skill mastery.
We invite you to learn more about the Little Ivy Academy Difference. . . and look forward to meeting you and your child!
NEW Featured Program: InventionMakers!

Think about the phones we carry with us everywhere or the household appliances we use every day. Our world is wired with electronics. We cannot imagine life without these devices that someone had to imagine & make.

Now, your child can capture the creative power of making, designing and building their own electronic creations in our all new, InventionMakers after-school lab series for your K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-8th graders.

First launched during our 2016 summer camps, our InventionMakers programs open the door to hands-on digital invention. Using our age-appropriate electronics building-systems, your child will engage the invention process, from first idea to functional product!

This Winter we're offering the following seven-week InventionMakers course:

Featured Program: GameMakers!

While elementary and middle school girls and boys love to play with interactive stories and video games , especially video games, the only thing they love more is making interactive stories and games of their own!

Our GameMakers! Learning Enrichment Lab & Summer Camp programs provide your Kindergartners- 8th Graders with hands-on opportunities to actively design and program their own interactive, animated games as they learn the age-appropriate Scratch programming language created at the cutting-edge MIT Media Lab (Grades 3-8) or the new Scratch, Jr coding language created at Tufts University (Kindergarten-2nd grade)-- in separate, age-appropriate labs.

With our small-group, STEM/STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) approach, your child and their lab mates will move from passively playing games and stories created by others to active, engaged creators of games and stories of their own.

Each of our project-based GameMakers! lab courses call upon your child's imagination, nurturing their emerging critical-thinking and organizational skills, as well as their reading, writing and STEM/STEAM skills, as they bring new characters to life, crafting functional plots and environments for game-play and story-telling, all while designing and programming their own basic video games or interactive stories!

This Winter, we're offering the following seven-week GameMakers lab courses:

  • First Encounters: Put the power of the ground-breaking Scratch Jr. programming language in the hands of your child. Bring their imagination to life as they develop the coding skills to design and program a series of their own interactive, animated games and stories: Our Little Ivy Academy Campus, Ridgewood

  • Jr. Game Developer puts your younger elementary school child in control of bringing their imagination to digital life as they create the characters and worlds for their own series of interactive video games,all while developing their coding and critical-thinking skills with the age-appropriate Scratch Jr. programming language— for your 1st-2nd graders. This course is being offered at: Orchard School, Ridgewood

    • Classic Adventure!: Your child will be engaged in designing and programming the elements of a range of basic adventure-style games that could include inventing their own customized characters, inventing new worlds of mazes, and creating a range of challenges for their avatars- for your 3rd-5th graders. This course is being offered at: Travell School, Ridgewood

    Featured Program: App-Makers!

    Whether checking-in on Instagram or the latest version of Angry Birds, 3rd-8th Graders are captivated when they’re using their favorite smartphone and tablet apps, sharing their enthusiasm for their latest discoveries with friends and family.


    Our STEM/STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) AppMakers! learning enrichment lab & Summer Camp programs have been crafted to take your 3rd-8th graders enthusiasm for discovery to the next level with opportunities to engage in smartphone/tablet app design and programming, creating apps they can share with friends and family-- with separate, age-appropriate labs for  3rd-5th & 6th-8thgraders.


    AppMakers! is our RealScience!/Express Yourself! program that sparks your child's imagination, developing their emerging critical-thinking and organizational skills, as well as their reading, writing and STEM/STEAM skills, as they collaborate to overcome  practical challenges while creating apps of their own—Real Discovery & Real Fun!

    This Winter, we're offering the following seven-week AppMakers lab course:

    • Connect & Share, where your 3rd-5th or 5th-6th will have hands-on opportunities to develop their HTML programming skills as they design & code their own functional smartphone apps, which  they'll ultimately be able to share with friends and family on a variety of smartphone and tablet platforms, including iPhones and iPads. This course is being offered at: West Ridge School, Park Ridge; Dorchester School, Woodcliff Lake;

    Featured Program: THE ROBOTS ARE COMING!!!

    Elementary and middle schoolers have a fascination with the world of automated and mechanical operations-- most especially a curiosity about the “what” “how” and “why” of things set into motion by computers.

    Our RealScience! The Robots are Coming!!! Learning Enrichment Lab courses and Summer Camp programs capture this fascination, this curiosity, putting your elementary and middle schooler in control of their very own robotic creations as they bring them from first movements to fully programmed strength!

    In fact, our projects-based The Robots Are Coming!!! lab courses and summer camp programs are built upon a “differentiated learning” approach, providing our students with projects that include both basic builds and more challenging enhancements that accommodate their range of skill levels--- from beginners to advanced students. Even our “advanced students-only” programs use this approach in order to provide unique opportunities for the full range of our advanced students.

    Combining LEGOs, supplemented by a range of additional materials, for the engineering, plus an age-appropriate programming language—including an image-based language for the programming created at Tufts University especially for our young, elementary schoolers, and the more robust Scratch language created at MIT's cutting-edge Media Lab for our older elementary schoolers and middle schoolers-The Robots Are Coming!!! provides your child with full, hands-on access to the S.T.E.M.-based (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) world of creative engineering and programming.

    This Winter, we're offering the following seven-week The Robots are Coming!!! lab courses:


    • Robots at Work:  Robots are changing the way the world works and your child may hold the key to the next great breakthrough when they roll up their sleeves to engineer and program a range of automated, workplace robots with real-world applications for your Kindergartener-2nd graders. This course is being offered at: Memorial School, North Haledon

      • Robots: Next Generation: Unleash your child’s imagination with opportunities to deploy NXT generation mobile technology and a made-for-robotics derivative of the age-appropriate Scratch programming language as they build and program mobile bots that navigate through (and sometimes around) the challenges and obstacles they "sense" along the way-  3rd-5th or 6th-8th graders. This course is being offered at: Memorial School, North Haledon;West Ridge School, Park Ridge
      Summer  Crossroads 2017:
      Summer Camp Starts Here!

      Think Summer,

      When Your Child Can. . .

      Real Discovery & Real Fun await for your child when they join us this summer for our Summer Explorers (for girls & boys entering 1st & 2nd Grade) and Real Science! & Express Yourself! day camp programs (for girls & boys entering 3rd-5th & 6th-8th Grade).


      Please click on one of the links below for Program/Location details and to Register


      & Express Yourself! Camps

      (Campers entering Grades 3-5 & 6-8. Click on Link Below)


      Summer Explorers! Camps
      (Campers entering Grades 1 & 2. Click on Link Below)


      RealScience! & Express Yourself! 
      Labs for Winter 2017

      It's GO TIME:
      Labs Starting NOW!

      Below you'll find this Winter's Express Yourself! and RealScience! Learning Enrichment Lab programs for your elementary and middle schoolers (Grades Pre-K to 8), which are launching now!

      You'll find brief backgrounders on each of these Winter 2017 programs when you CLICK on any of the links below.
      For Quick Registration, CLICK HERE.
      AppMakers: Connect & Share!
      (Click on Link Below for Preferred Location)  
      @West Ridge School, Park Ridge
      @Dorchester School, Woodcliff Lake

      Everyday Inventions!
      (Click on Link Below for Preferred Location)
      @Little Ivy Academy Campus, Ridgewood
      @Orchard School, Ridgewood
      GameMakers: First Encounters!
      (Click on Link Below for Preferred Location)  
      @Little Ivy Academy Campus, Ridgewood

      GameMakers: Jr. Game Developer!
      (Click on Link Below for Preferred Location)  
      @Orchard School, Ridgewood

      GameMakers: Classic Adventure!
      (Click on Link Below for Preferred Location)

      Robots At Work!
      (Click on Link Below for Preferred Location)
      @Memorial School, North Haledon

       Robots Next Generation!
      (Click on Link Below for Preferred Location)
      @Memorial School, North Haledon

      @West Ridge School, Park Ridge

      Our Bespoke Lab Program

      for Your Private Group 
      Have Your Own Lab:
      Your Friends, Your Schedule

      Have a group of elementary or middle school friends, scout group, sports team, children of your work friends  interested in discovering how to produce digital videos. . . build and program robots. . . design and program video games, mobile apps, animated stories?

      No need to wait for our next round of scheduled labs to get underway! Your group can have their own seven-week Express Yourself! or RealScience! enrichment lab with our popular Bespoke Lab program, hosted here on our Ridgewood campus or at a convenient location you've arranged.


      All you need to do is choose from any of our Robots Are Coming!, VideoMakers, MakersLabs, GameMakers or AppMakers lab programs. . . . . reach out to your friendship network, select a location, dates and time, and we'll do the rest.


      To learn more about our Bespoke Lab program, please contact our director, Erich Bassler at or 201.444.8400.

      Customized Tutoring

      Empowers Your Child's Success!

      Tutoring As Unique
       As Your Child!

      This Winter, Little Ivy is offering customized small-group and private Tutoring programs in Reading, Writing & Math, exclusively for kindergarteners, first graders, second graders, third graders, fourth graders, fifth graders, sixth graders, seventh graders and eighth graders right here on our park-like Ridgewood campus.

      We invite you to learn more about how we can help unlock the mysteries of successful skills development for your child by clicking on any of the links above, or contacting our director, Erich Bassler at 201.444.8400, or by e-mail at

      Visit Our Sister School 

      for Preschool, Kindergarten
      & Childcare

      Our sister school, Little Ivy Learning Center, right here in Ridgewood, provides throughfully crafted preschool, kindergarten enrichment (with transportation to/from many local schools), transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, full-day childcare and summer camp programs for children ages 12 months to 6 years.

      We invite you to learn more about Little Ivy Learning Center by CLICKING HERE to visit our website, contacting us by phone at 201-444-0048, or by e-mail at 
      Learn More Here!
      To learn more about Little Ivy Academy's Customized Tutoring programs in reading, writing, math and study skills; RealScience! and Express Yourself! Learning Enrichment Lab Courses; and Summer Camp programs for your kindergartener, first grader, second grader, third grader, fourth grader, fifth grader, sixth grader, seventh grader or eighth grader, please send your questions to us by e-mail at or by telephone at 201.444.8400.
      We look forward to hearing from you!