Little Ivy Academy

Year-Round Enrichment for the 21st Century

Exclusively for Kindergarteners-8th Graders

660 East Glen Avenue

Ridgewood, NJ 07450


Our Methodology:

The Little Ivy Academy Difference


At Little Ivy Academy, your elementary and middle school-age child participates in Real Science! & Express Yourself! Learning Enrichment Labs and Customized Tutoring programs in Math, Reading & Writing crafted to meet their unique needs, challenges and experiences. . .

Here's Why Little Ivy Academy is Different. . .

It’s Different

 at Your Child’s School


Our students spend their days in classes at their neighborhood school in Ridgewood and its neighboring communities. While there are national and statewide Core Curriculum Standards, each school district puts its own unique spin on the programs and challenges it presents your child with.
Whether its math, reading, writing, science or study skills, the curriculum and progression of lessons your child experiences each day have been uniquely created right here in their hometown. . . and so have the Learning Enrichment Labs and Customized Tutoring programs we provide for your child at Little Ivy Academy.
Our programs are designed and paced to dovetail with many of the actual subject area challenges your child is confronting at school today.

Elementary & Middle School Children are Different


Our students are exclusively kindergarteners, first graders, second graders, third graders, fourth graders, fifth graders, sixth graders, seventh graders and eighth graders. As you’ve watched your child grow, you know that each age brings with it a unique collection of skills, interests and challenges.
At each stage in their development, your child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs and abilities change and grow, building upon the skills and challenges they’ve mastered, so far. . . and so do the age-appropriate teaching approaches we take in providing your child with opportunities and strategies to meet their evolving needs.
Little Ivy Academy’s teachers and tutors carefully craft the styles of your elementary and middle school-age child’s instruction here to meet the unique needs and motivators of their specific stage of development.

Your Child is Different

(Thank Goodness!)


Each of our students has their own unique learning styles, habits, interests and capabilities.


If you have more than one child, you know that the parenting approach you use with one very often is either more or less successful than with your other child. If you have just one child, you quickly discover when “comparing notes” with other parents during Back to School Night or at a soccer game, that for all of the similarities between your child and their “best friend forever,” each friend has their own set of strengths and personality traits.


Our experienced teachers and tutors come to know each of our students -- their unique talents and needs, strengths and weaknesses, whether they stayed up late last night or overslept this morning-- through ongoing observation, skills assessment, and equally important, formal and informal conversations. Whether in a small-group learning lab/workshop or individual tutoring setting, this understanding provides them with opportunities to tailor your child's lessons accordingly.