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Our Little Ivy Academy Philosophy. . .

As Students, Parents, Elementary & Middle School Educators


Welcome to Little Ivy Academy, a world of learning and laughter, curiosity and commitment, enriching fun and meaningful hard work, students, teachers, tutors and parents.

As students, we know that we are highly motivated to learn those things that are most useful and uniquely meaningful us. We know that we are most eager and work hardest when we’re seeking answers and solutions to those questions and challenges about which we are most curious.
Our best teachers show us why a specific skill is important to master. . . or better yet, provide us with an opportunity to discover why that skill is essential for us to master. When they do this for us, we’ll move mountains working to acquire and master that skill. We’ve learned that really mastering critical skills is more important to us than simply “doing better” than the other students in class- it’s all about our achieving our personal best!
As parents of elementary and middle school children, we want each of our children to be self-confident and successful, self-motivated to apply themselves in reaching their singular potential. We know that our child has a natural curiosity, unique talents and needs, strengths and weaknesses--- many of which are similar to our own.


We’ve learned that our child’s success and well-being depend upon thoughtful, experienced teachers and tutors who truly enjoy coming to understand our child’s unique attributes, nurturing them to master the skills they need to be successful and happy. We’ve seen our child best masters the most challenging skills when they’re working together with imaginative teachers and tutors who truly enjoy the time they spend together.


As professional educators, we know that each of our students make the greatest strides towards mastering skills when we tailor our lessons to address both the ever-changing intellectual, social, emotional and physical levels of each one of them, as well as the specific questions and unique challenges they are seeking answers and solutions for at any given time. Our experience tells us that we need to be constantly aware of what each of our students is capable of today so that we can successfully guide them to build on these successes to master the skills they’ll need tomorrow.

Our Guiding Principles

When elementary and middle school-age children have a learning environment that is nurturing, trusting and respectful, they will successfully develop self-confidence in their ability to learn.

  • Children who become self-confident learners are best positioned for success in school and well-being throughout their lives.


  • Each child learns best through activities that match their curiosity and unique levels of cognitive, social, emotional and physical development with the new skill challenges that we present to them.


  • Every child feels successful and becomes a life-long, self-confident learner when they have opportunities through practice and hands-on play to master each new skill.


  • The healthy development of every child depends upon a strong bond between school and home. We will always strive to provide our students and their parents supportive links to reinforce lessons learned at school and at home.
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