Little Ivy Academy

Year-Round Enrichment for the 21st Century

Exclusively for Kindergarteners-8th Graders

660 East Glen Avenue

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Who We Are. . .
Taking Different Paths to a Life-Long Love of Learning
Our founders are life-long learners who delight in the acquisition of new skills and attempting new challenges.
The story of how we came to value and love life-long learning is as varied as the range of learning styles.
For some of us, elementary and middle school were wonderful experiences. Success came easy and we couldn’t wait for the next test, the next opportunity to demonstrate our talents. If we had any complaint, it was that we wanted more. . . and we wanted it quicker than was possible in our classrooms.
For others of us, elementary and middle school were, shall we say, something less than wonderful. Our days were filled with more seat time and jumping through what seemed to be arbitrary hoops than we liked. . . and the lessons just didn’t capture our curious imaginations. We considered ourselves “smart,” as did many of our teachers, but we just couldn’t put it across the plate in the various special projects and daily homework assignments that mark success at school.
Still others among us, had that special one or two subjects in elementary and middle school that we loved. . . and were great at. Great math and science students, awful reading, writing and social studies students. . . or great art and reading students, but weak in math and writing.
While our paths to becoming curious, life-long learners (and successful in our careers) were different, we have more in common that you might think.
For each of us it came to down to a special set of teachers, mentors really, who took the time to get to know us, building programs that provided us with challenges unique to our learning styles, lessons that leveraged those things we were puzzling over at various points in time, things we were curious about. These lessons moved as quickly or slowly as our ability to grasp them. Putting in the hours to learn the difficult subjects was acceptable because we understood that they were the tools that would unlock the secrets of those things we just needed to know more about.
These varied paths, leading to a common core of understanding, inform all that we do at Little Ivy Academy, our Philosophy and our Methodology. Whether in personalized, small-group Learning Enrichment Labs or Customized Tutoring sessions, we’ve crafted programs to harness your child’s natural curiosity and their need to have useful tools for understanding and being understood in their ever-growing world. At Little Ivy Academy, our mission is to launch your child's life-long love of learning!

Our Roots

Little Ivy Academy is the culmination of a lifetime of pursuing positive, exciting ways for elementary and middle school children to learn, an approach that provides the foundation for a life-time love of learning.


When our family started our sister school, Little Ivy Learning Center, we believed we could provide a world-class education to pre-school and kindergarten children in an environment that stimulated critical thinking and a love of learning.
We do this by building upon a child’s natural curiosity about their ever-growing world, designing classroom learning environments and crafting activities that harness their curiosity to help them master the skills that will make them successful students when they enter elementary school --- and curious learners throughout their lifetimes.


Now that our pre-school, kindergarten and child-care center dream is a daily reality here on our Ridgewood campus, we are bringing this same academic excellence and joy for learning to our elementary and middle school-age neighbors with the Little Ivy Academy, providing tutoring, academic enrichment programs and Summer Camp programs exclusively for local elementary and middle school students.
We invite you to visit us and learn more about our programs for your child.
We look forward to you and your child joining our neighbors who have come to appreciate the Little Ivy Difference!
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