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Our Reading & Writing Programs Are as Unique as Your Child

Little Ivy Academy's Approach Launches Students' Literacy Skills

Reading and writing should be enjoyable for your child, not a source of frustration and disappointment.


Whether their need to understand and be understood has outpaced their reading and writing skills, or they’ve just fallen behind in developing these skills at age-appropriate levels, a child's frustration and disappointment is just as real, just as keenly felt.

Too many elementary and middle school-age children fall behind in reading and writing early on in their school career. Once a child falls behind, even the slightest deficit begins to affect their performance across all subject areas. Your child’s self-esteem suffers as they just can’t produce the work they expect of themselves or is expected of them at school. Before long, all you hear around the house is “I hate reading, writing,” too often escalating into, “I hate school!”


Learning to read well involves mastering a complex set of skills. Children must de-code, understand context, learn sight words and forms of grammar, and in the end guess at words and sentences that don’t fit the rules. A child must be able to concentrate, gain fluency and remember what they read. The process is similar with writing.


Research has shown that children learn best in environments that are trusting, comfortable and offer small group and one-to-one support.  At Little Ivy Academy, our reading and writing programs, informed by our Methodology, help your child build both their skills and the self-confidence to meet and exceed grade-level standards. We get to know your child and your child’s interests to provide a personalized program that uniquely helps your child become a confident reader and writer


Using a balanced phonics- and whole language-based approach, each of our age- and grade-appropriate, Customized Small-Group and Private Reading & Writing Tutoring Sessions and small-group Express Yourself! Reading/Writing Learning Enrichment Lab courses harness your child’s natural curiosity and their need to have useful tools for understanding and being understood with opportunities for exploring and progressing towards skills mastery. . . and have more than a little fun doing it!

Express Yourself! Learning Enrichment Labs
Course Catalog 

Afterschool Labs Return this Fall
Summer Camp 2017 Starts Here,
Where Kids Can. . .

[Update: We look forward to seeing you and your campers, ages 6-14, at our Summer Explorers and Real Science/Express Yourself summer camp programs on one of our nearby campuses. Please CLICK HERE to Discover More-- program details and registration.

Our full schedule of afterschool labs will return in the fall. To be among the first to know, please Click Here
to join our e-mail notification list. Meanwhile, you are welcome to take a peek at a small sampling of our just a few of our most recent after-school labs, below.]

Below you'll find a sampling of this school year's Spring 2017 RealScience! and Express Yourself! Learning Enrichment Labs we're offering right here on our Ridgewood campus. CLICK HERE to learn more and register. 

If instead you would prefer to register your child for any of our RealScience! and Express Yourself! after-school Learning Enrichment Labs at select, local elementary schools, just CLICK HERE.

  • Robots At Work - PreK - 1st Grade
    • Dates: Seven Wednesdays, April 26 - June 7

    • Time: 4:50 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    • Description: Robots are changing the way the world works and your child may hold the key to the next great breakthrough when they roll up their sleeves to engineer and program a range of automated, workplace robots with real-world applications.

    • Class Size: Maximum 10, Minimum 6 students

  • Robots: Engage & Interact - 3rd - 5th Grade
    • Dates: Seven Thursdays, April 27 - June 8

    • Time: 4:50 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    • Description: Now older elementary and middle schoolers can deploy NXT Generation mobile robotic technology to create robotic devices that use a range of sensors (touch, hear, see, etc. . .)  to engage and interact with environmental challenges and each other! Paired with the made-for-robotics derivative of the age-appropriate Scratch programming language created at MIT's Media Lab, students will develop their critical thinking and STEAM skills as the build and program this series of very engaging mobile bots.

    • Class Size: Maximum 12, Minimum 6 students

Customized Reading & Writing Tutoring. . .
As Unique as Your Child!

Our Customized Reading & Writing Tutoring sessions, whether Small-Group or Private, are designed to provide your elementary or middle school-age child with their own individual guide through the progression of reading and writing skills.


Whether your child is falling behind at school, or reaching ahead to stay at the top of their class, our tutors will craft a customized program to advance your child's literacy skills that is uniquely suited to their learning style and developmental level.
Through ongoing observation, formal and informal skills assessment, and equally important, ongoing conversation, your child’s tutor learns about your child's unique talents and needs, strengths and weaknesses, using these as the basis for crafting and pacing individualized lessons that best meet your child's specific needs from session to session.

Express Yourself! Learning Enrichment Labs 

ith an emphasis on personalized learning for your child, students in our small-group Express Yourself! Learning Enrichment Lab courses use an evolving set of literacy skills each week to advance their project or unlock the day's adventure.

Throughout each project-based or themed Express Yourself!  lab course, your child may use their literacy skills to produce a short-form digital video. . . create and program an animated story or video game. . . solve a mystery. . . train for a journey through space. . .and more! 
Our seven-week Express Yourself! Learning Enrichment Lab courses call on your child to apply a range of evolving reading, writing and visual literacy skills, integrating real-world challenges in each lab session as their literacy skills and self-confidence progress.
Learn more about our current Express Yourself! lab courses when you CLICK HERE for an overview of our Express Yourself! program.

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